• Visting World Vision's Child Journalists' Project in the Slums of Delhi

    A full house at the Child Journalist ADP

    What a morning! We headed out to the first World Vision Area Development Projet (ADP) located in the slums of South Delhi.  

    The children in the photos are part of the Child Journalists' and Children's club program's operated by World Vision Australia. They have been taught storytelling skills including interviewing, writing, filmmaking and theatre so that they can document and share issues that they identify in their local community. 

    We weren't the only ones taking photos! 

    We were shown beautiful skits and films that focused on health, family, gender equity and friendship. 

    One of the children we met was Santo. She is also the star of 'Santo's Dough' one of the short docu-drama films made by the group. The film is about honesty and responsibility in the home. It was written, storyboarded and shot by the children.  

    Santo showing her official Child Journalists' Summit pass. 
    Santo was attended the Child Journalists' Summit held last year. Over 100 children from all over India participated in workshops on how to become journalists. Here is a short video about the Summit. 

    The children were incredible, confident and insightful. They were not afraid to ask and answer difficult questions about poverty, children's advocacy and women's rights. 

    It struck me that knowledge is indeed power. 
    I also wanted to say thank you to Annila, the local World Vision officer that facilitated the mornings session with the children. She did an incredible job at translating a barrage of questions from both is and the kids helping to create an open and comfortable discussion. 

    Annila and three boys from the Children's club


    You can find out more about the Child Journalists' project on their official blog and you can also find out more about World Vision's child sponsorship programs and how you can help by clicking on the banner below. 

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  • I'm going to India with World Vision Australia to blog about their development programs

    Hi everyone, I’m very, very excited to announce that I’ll be heading off to India with World Vision Australia!

    I’m going over with three other talented bloggers, Eden Reily from Edenland, Carly Jacobs from Smaggle and Kelly from Be a Fun Mum, to cover World Vision’s women’s and children’s development programs in the state of Chhatisgarh, in central India. We will also be joined on the trip by World Vision’s social media manager Joy Toose.

    The state of Chhatisgarh is highlighted in the above map (Source: Wikipedia) 

    Over the ten days in India we will be visiting a number of World Vision Area Development Programs (ADPs) in both urban and rural areas.

    I’ll be photo blogging the journey on a daily basis, using my phone and Instagram to show you all where we are and what we are doing. I’ll be cross posting my Instagram feed right here on this site and my Tumblr for those not on Instagram.

    For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been a World Vision Child Sponsor for over twelve years now, first starting when I was just out of high-school. I’m genuinely excited to see how these programs - that I’ve known so well through cards, letters and photos - actually work at ground level.

    As I’m travelling I’m more than open to any questions you may have about the journey and World Vision’s programs.

    Don’t forget you can also follow the journey through Eden’s, Carly’s and Kelly’s blogs.

    Wish us luck!



    For those interested in the World Vision's child sponsorship click on the banner below. 

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