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  • Buy the new iPhone Photography eBook and go in the running to win an iPhone 5

    Three weeks ago, together with Digital Photography School, I launched the first comprehensive ebook on how to take professional photos with your iPhone. The ‘iPhone Photography' eBook has been very well recieved by both beginners and professionals alike.

    To celebrate the success of the new eBook (and the launch of the new iPhone), DPS are giving away an 16GB iPhone 5 to one buyer of the eBook. The competition runs until October 2, is worldwide and the winner even gets to select the colour of the phone! What better way to improve your iPhone Photography than getting your hands on the iPhone 5?

    Here are a few testimonials that have come through about the ebook:

    “Thanks so much – I bought a copy earlier today and have spent the last 4 hours using my iPhone to take photos I’d never have thought possible with it. As I started to read this it became clear to me why I had been getting such average results from my iPhone in the past and how to improve them. Thanks DPS!” – Barbara (blog comment)

    “‘iPhone Photography’ is a wonderful and inspiring guide to this revolution in photography. While written so clearly that even a total beginner can quickly learn how to take high quality photos, this eBook is valuable for iPhoneographers of all skill levels. The book shares all of the secrets you need to know in order to make great artistic images using your iPhone and selected camera and photo apps. It inspires you to explore the tools and techniques by actually using them, which is the best method of learning.” – Jens Daemgen – Creator of ProCamera App

    “If you’re the owner of either the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 versions of Apple’s iPhones, this eBook, iPhone Photography – How to shoot, edit and share great photographs, is the right choice for you. It will show you everything from setting up your camera to using the best apps, sharing pictures with the community. And will even teach you photography if you just got interested in the medium through the use of your iPhone.” – (review)

    Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the book in the Disqus comments below, or just shoot me a tweet (@mishobaranovic).

    Head over to the Digital Photography School site for more information on how to purchase the book and go in the running to win the new iPhone 5.

  • My New Book: iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs

    I'm ridiculously excited to announce my new book "iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photos'.

    So what's in the book? We'll it's a comprehensive 106 page guide on how to take full control of your iPhone camera. A few of the things I cover include:

    1. How the iPhone Camera works and how to use it to capture better images
    2. How to take more control of your iPhone using Camera Replacement Apps (with a rundown of the best ones)
    3. Advanced shooting techniques with ProCamera to gain maximum control over focusing and exposure
    4. How to find compelling subjects to shoot, including with the family, on the street, in nature, travelling and at night
    5. How to develop your own editing style
    6. A rundown of native iPhone editing functions
    7. An overview of the best editing apps including one touch, filter based andd professional editing apps, including step-by-step editing examples and techniques.
    8. How to add text and graphic elements to your photos
    9. How to share your images with family, friends and the wider mobile photography community
    10. How to get your images ready to print

    The book also features in-depth interviews from some of the best iPhone photographers in the world, including: Benedicte Guillon, Jordi V.Pou,AikBeng Chia, Robert-Paul Jansen.

    The book is available as a digital download and comes in both PDF and ePUB versions. To celebrate the launch of the book, Digital Photography School are offering it for a limited time at $14.99, a saving of 25% on the normal price of $19.99.

    Here's an overview of a few of the book pages:

    Click on the link below for more information on what's in the book and how to purchase. Feel free to ask any question you have about the book in the Disqus comments below or shoot me a tweet or email on